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MenstruMate™ - Instant Menstrual Cramp Relief Device

MenstruMate™ - Instant Menstrual Cramp Relief Device

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The MenstruMate Instant Menstrual Cramp Relief Device is a safe, natural, and drug-free solution for period pain (dysmenorrhea) and pain from conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, adenomyosis, or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Are you tired of suffering through painful periods and taking pain medication that comes with side effects? MenstruMate Instant Period Pain Relief Device has got you covered! Here are some of the amazing benefits of using our MenstruMate device:

  • Instant and Effective Period Pain Relief: Say goodbye to menstrual cramps, back pain, bloating, and other chronic pain symptoms, in just in minutes, with the MenstruMate Device! Our device uses clinically-backed TENS technology to send gentle micro-pulses that reach the brain faster than the pain signals. These micro-pulses keep the brain "occupied" to reduce or eliminate period pain and back pain. Not only that, the body's beta-endorphins are also released to further reduce pain. Experience natural and instant relief with MenstruMate!

  • Cute, Discreet, and Portable: MenstruMate PMS Cramping relief device is small and silent, making it easy to wear under your clothes without anyone knowing. The device has a long battery life that provides several hours of menstrual pain relief on a single charge. The MenstruMate TENS unit is so convenient that you can even exercise with it and might forget you have it on. With MenstruMate, you can go about your day without any interruptions or discomfort.

  • Safe and Natural: MenstruMate is a safe and natural alternative to pain medication and has no known side effects. It is safe for all-day use and will not interfere with your cycle, hormonal balance, or other bodily functions. Women of all ages who suffer from dysmenorrhea can safely use it. MenstruMate is adjustable to different levels of strength, according to your level of pain. Say goodbye to pain medication and hello to MenstruMate!

  • Versatile & Multi-functional: The device can be used for any type of bodily aches and pains you are experiencing. Simply place the electrodes on the site of most pain, be it the abdomen, lower back, or even shoulder and neck. Let it take care of the rest!

Your MenstruMate Kit includes everything you need for natural, drug-free pain relief – 1 MenstruMate Device, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Set of Electrodes, and an Instruction Manual. Make MenstruMate your essential period kit for instant and effective pain relief!

Don't let menstrual cramps, PMS cramping, or period pain hold you back any longer! Get your MenstruMate Instant Menstrual Cramp Relief Device today and experience natural, effective and safe pain relief like never before!

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