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Mindvocates™ Focus Ring - ADHD & Anxiety Relief

Mindvocates™ Focus Ring - ADHD & Anxiety Relief

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This beautiful focus ring is crafted to help stop undesirable habits, calm your nerves, stay focused, and be more productive.

Featuring a rotatable Cuban curb link band that you can fidget with, the ring helps you focus, relieve ADHD and anxiety symptoms, while also curbing poor habits such as nail biting (onychophagia), hair pulling (trichotillomania) and skin picking (dermatillomania).

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Benefits of the Mindvocates™ Focus Ring:

  • Relieves Anxiety - Studies show that,  in stressful or overwhelming situations, fidget tools like this focus ring can help reduce anxiety and stress by as much as 70%, within just a few minutes of use.

  • Be more focused & productive - People who suffer from ADHD perform at their best when they have something to fidget with and multitask. The Mindvocates™ Focus Ring is very handy during situations when you find it difficult to focus.

  • Eliminates bad habits - Customers have reported that our rings have helped them curb their lifelong habits of nail biting, hair pulling. and skin picking, by giving them a more healthy outlet (see reviews below).

  • One-handed - Does not take up both hands, leaving your other hand free to focus on the productive task at hand

  • Portable - Can be worn as a ring or as a chain pendant. You can take it with you everywhere.

  • Quiet & Discreet - The Focus ring looks like a cool and fashionable ring, without letting the world know its other purpose. You can fidget with your ring unnoticed and without disturbing anyone in your surrounding, or drawing attention to yourself.

  • High Quality & Allergy Friendly - The Mindvocates™ Focus Ring is made from high-quality Polished 316L Stainless Steel, which is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or fade.

  • Comfortable & Universal Design - The ring has a beautiful unisex design that looks equally as elegant on males as on females. It is also very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

  • Doubles as a bottle opener - I mean ... how cool is that?

bottle opener


Don't know your ring size? No problem. It is very easy to find out. Simply scroll down a little and click "Size Chart" to reveal the chart. Follow the steps to determine your size!

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Method 1: Measure a ring you already have

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Take the measurement in millimeters (mm), and then use our conversion chart above to find out your ring size! 

Method 2: Measure your fingers 

You can easily measure your finger using a strip of paper or string. First, cut out a strip of paper. Then, wrap it tight around the base of your intended finger and mark where the paper overlaps.

Finally, measure the length of the paper in millimeters (mm) to determine the circumference of your finger and then use the conversion chart above to find out your ring size! 

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